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Reichsguard Infantry

So, I realise my initial start to this blog was appalling. And by appalling, I mean it was probably the worst start to a blog in the world... ever. I think it's fair to also say that the BoLS blogroll does not count blogs "more than 6 months old" that had only one day of activity.

Nonetheless! With a barely-working camera and a fairly makeshift lightbox, we have the first real photos of this army.

Tennhausen 52nd Stormtrooper Regiment, First Company...
The army's stormtroopers are a deliberate mish-mash of squads with a range of different specialists for any task. In a tournament-style list designed to face as many opponents as possible, the sad truth of the new codex is that many of these guys will probably never be fielded. In Apocalypse however, they benefit from a veritable buffet of Chimeras, Valkyries and Vendettas to do just about any task the rest of the Imperial Guard needs...

First Squadron, Squad 105

Led by Sergeant Major Horst Goehler, Squad 105 is a close-support unit used commonly in city fighting and urban environments. Twin flamers are the core of this unit, and the squad is normally embarked in a chimera ahead of the main advance to flush out buildings of light scouting units before moving on to other objectives in support of regular infantry.

First Squadron, Squad 106

Led by Sergeant Hans Hoeler, Squad 106 is the 52nd's Grenadier unit. Employed as a fast-moving firebase of light suppression fire, they frequently ride in to battle in a Valkyrie in support of the company's other stormtrooper units. Often well ahead of the army's main armoured detachments, Tennhausen Stormtroopers rely on their grenadiers to provide mass-killing ability from range, usually in support of more specialized melta and plasma-armed squads.

First Squadron, Squad 107

Sergeant Richard Krupp leads the Company's Seventh squad. These Plasma-armed specialists are charged with dealing with the most heavily armed and armoured infantry. This squad has amongst the highest casualty rates in the company, mostly as a direct result of the opposition they are deployed to counter.

52nd Stormtrooper Regiment, Second Squadron, Squad 108

Sergeant Elias Griggs is in charge of the company's eighth squad. The above depicts the unit as they appeared recently at the outset of heavy fighting on Grolmansburg III, deployed to the dense forests of the Hive world's shield mountains that separated it from the cold polar staging areas used by heretic forces attempting to establish a foothold in the Skaros subsector. Demolitionists, the squad makes heavy use of melta weapons and demolition charges to decimate armour and heavy infantry alike.

52nd Stormtrooper Regiment, Second Squadron, Squad 109

Sergeant Rickard Steinhardt recently assumed command of the company's 9th squad after the promotion of Sergeant von Schrader to the company command staff. Renowned as one of the company's most successful units, the 9th squad are almost permanently assigned to the Reichsguard IX Regiment's First Company as a vanguard unit anchoring the infantry's weakest flanks.

Reichsguard IX Panzer Regiment, First Company, First Platoon

Platoon command, led by Lieutenant Ernst Rader. Also present is the company's Fleet Lliason to Battlefleet Hydrian- Lieutenant Horst Rahmlow, and the Platoon Commissar, Saul Graves.

First Squad

Second Squad

Third Squad

Fourth Squad

Fifth Squad

Reichsguard IX Panzer Regiment Headquarters.

Present here is the majority of the Division command staff, including the Division commander, General Elias Heydrich, the Second Company commanding officer, Colonel Eurias Kaine and the regimental commissars - Commissar Lilith von Meyer, and Commissar Markus Garrett. (The standards are those of the First Infantry Company, Second Panzer Company, and the standard of the IX Panzer Regiment)

Next time, we'll cover the the armoured core of the regiment - the 2nd Panzer Company under the command of Major Erwin Bachmann.

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